Beneful and the upcoming premium dog foods

The quest for dog food production has highly increased in the market. Freshpet Inc. factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, is among the upcoming companies producing industrial refrigerated pet food in the market. The company has really managed to attract many customers producing high quality dog food.

Companies producing organic grain-free food have posted a great face of competition to the traditional pet-food makers transitioning from human to pet nourishments. Colgate-Palmolive produces dog food that assists dogs lose weight. Nestle’s Purina has also come up with a website that is working a great way in helping pet owners select the nutritious customized food blends.

As per the original article:, there has also been a strategy that dogs will have what their owners are having and Mars’ Cesar Home Delights have highly invested in this. This has in the recent times been working perfectly. Sales of premium dog food following this has greatly increase by 45 percent taking up more than half of the market in the United States.

Following the recent innovations, companies have really come up to fight back with these. Production of dry and wet foods has been increased by companies like Purina that bought Merrick Pet Care to maximize the production. Companies have also come up with senior dog food production that is meant to target the older dogs. These are friendly to their systems and hence the dogs can easily metabolize this.

Beneful brand of dog food by Nestle Purina Petcare is an established dog company focusing on wet and dry dog foods and dog treats. The company has really been the main revenue source for Nestle Purina. Beneful that was introduced in the market in 2001 has aired great campaigns to market their products.

The company holds a record of ever holding the biggest campaign in the Nestle Purina’s history. Beneful mainly focuses on producing dry, wet, canned food and dog snacks. This has made the company prominent and renown widely.



Researchers Tout Possible Diabetes Cure on Horizon

Hope arose recently for millions of people around the world suffering from diabetes mellitus, a condition in which the body fails to regulate blood sugar levels correctly. Researchers announced that they have conducted some successful tests of a new treatment in animals, and that they hope the experimental procedure will work just as well in humans. If the trials succeed, Johnson & Johnson and ViaCyte may in “several” years begin using the treatment as a cure for diabetes. It would be the first stem cell treatment capable of resolving the condition in patients.

Many people afflicted with diabetes mellitus must take regular injections of insulin, a hormone produced by cells in the islet of Langerhans in the pancreas. Jon Urbana claims that insulin helps the human body regulate blood sugar levels.

The research centers around a capsule placed beneath the skin containing embryonic stem cells that scientists would transform into insulin-producing islet of Langerhans cells. The artificial capsule surrounding the stem cells would protect the stem cells from some effects of the body’s immune system.

A ViaCyte executive recently presented information about research at the Biotech Showcase 2016 conducted in San Francisco in January. The “STEP One” product centers around this new stem cell treatment for diabetes. Essentially, the product seeks to replace damaged islet of Langerhans cells utilizing embryonic stem cells. The company hopes its products will assist the estimated 5% to 10% of diabetes patients who suffer from severe complications during treatment.

Stand Together, Koch Businesses New Venture, Will Tackle Social Issues Such as Poverty

Billionaire Charles G. Koch has spent years building his empire. While he originally was exclusively involved in chemical and oil refining, Koch Industries now also includes process and pollution control technology and equipment. His businesses produce a variety of well-recognized brands such as Lycra, Dixie Cups and the Stainmaster carpet.

Additionally, Koch is an American philanthropist. He supports multiple free markets focused educational organisations such as the Institute for Human Studies as well as the Mercatus Center that is located at George Mason University. Koch and his wife, Elizabeth, founded the Koch Foundation which funds creative artists and artistic projects.

He is taking his philanthropy to the next level with a new non-profit wing that will focus on deep-rooted societal ills while revitalizing civil society by focusing on educational quality and poverty issues. Stand Together, the organizations name, is still in its start-up phase by top officials are certain they will be able to raise $15 million in 2015. The group’s executive director, Evan Feinberg, has stated that the purpose of Stand Together is to make a substantial difference in the lives of people by solving actual problems.

The group is not planning on focusing on policy work currently, but instead intends to partner with current private groups that are addressing important social issues. In one of their first ventures, Stand Together plans to team up with Bob Woodsen, who is a popular African-American conservative who has worked to train grassroots leaders through the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise.

This is not the first venture of this type for Charles Koch and his business. Americans for Prosperity has offered couponing classes for years while the Libre Initiative takes to the streets to hand out free turkeys to Latinos during the holidays. Additionally, Kock Industries contributed $25 million to scholarships for the United Negro College Fund in 2014. In fact, the Koch brothers have long been known for the amount of money they pour into different social projects and politics that support small-government ideals.

However, there are those who feel as though the Koch’s motives for their philanthropy are not as pure at heart. Jane Mayer, New Yorker staff writer, released a book this month where she argues that the anti-regulation crusades that are undertaken by the Kochs and other wealthy members of the conservative group are more about the well-beings of their corporations instead of the well-being of society.

In fact, Feinberg ran Generation Opportunity, the Kochs’ Millenial advocacy group, throughout 2012. This group drew criticism with their 2013 videos that depicted creepy Uncle Sam providing a younger woman with a gynecological exam in an attempt to get younger individuals to opt of Affordable Health Care. Multiple Koch groups spent millions to undermine the health care law in an attempt to stop younger, healthy individuals from signing up for insurance.

However, while there are critics, there is much support for the new focus. A civil rights veteran, Woodson, calls the Koch brothers “grass-roots rich people” whose operating principles and overarching philosophy is one hundred percent compatible with how we help the poor.

Keith Mann Starts High School Scholarship For Brooklyn Students

Keith Mann is a noted businessman from New York City who has spent his professional career working amongst the city’s elite. His career has offered his considerable wealth, and he is using a bit of that wealth to establish the Scholarship For Professional Achievement. This article explains how the scholarship was established, what it is for and who will benefit. Keith believes that every kid in New York deserves a chance at a higher education, and he plans to help pay for that education once a year.

#1: The Scholarship For Professional Achievement

The scholarship is available to all students who are in Uncommon Charter high schools in Brooklyn. Brooklyn high school students may apply for the prize every year, and Keith will offer the scholarship to one lucky winner. The $5000 scholarship will help a student who wants to put that money towards a college education, and a new prize will be offered every year.

#2: What Is The Goal?

Keith understands that many students want to go into business, but these students often have no way of getting the education they need to begin work in the business world. Keith was fortunate enough to get the education he needed, but he knows that students who apply for the scholarship need this money. The Scholarship for Professional Achievement will help one lucky student go to college every year with $5000 paid towards their tuition, books or room and board.

#3: Why Charter Schools?

The charter schools in Brooklyn have been designed to help students get the best education possible through new teaching techniques and principles, but many of these students cannot afford college when their high school careers are over. Keith wants to offer hope for kids who cannot afford a college education, and he hopes to see more applicants for the prize every year.

The charter schools in Brooklyn that host high school students who are eager to learn now have a scholarship opportunity for everyone. The Scholarship for Professional Achievement was established by Keith Mann to help kids who have big plans for their future which include college.

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Sleep Apnea Sufferers Can Sleep Soundly During Trips

In 2014, American citizens made 2.1 billion trips for either business or pleasure. This is actually too much time from home. For individuals with the condition known as sleep apnea, going for these trips has some dilemma. They always get confused on what to do concerning the CPAP machines they use. Their main concern is whether they should carry it with them or go to the trip without it. Fortunately, there is good news to this group of people. There are new devises and methods of treatment to help the patients sleep perfectly during their trips.

According to the article in The Huffington Post, the sleep apnea condition is a disorder where an individual stops and starts breathing when sleeping. This can happen several times in the sleep. This is caused by collapsing of the throat at the back when the patient is sleeping, blocking their air way. Some of the main symptoms of the disorder is gasping, snoring or choking when someone is sleeping. When someone has this condition, they do not sleep well, so they end up experiencing a lot of fatigue. The patients can also get cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack and even obesity.

The most common treatment for the condition is the use of CPAP machine during the night. The machine has a mask that covers the patient’s mouth and nose, and it ensures the patient gets a good and constant air flow all the night. The machine has the ability to track the patients breathing changes, and that information is used by the doctor to treat the patient effectively and make any changes when required.

Most of the best and effective CPAP machines are quite cumbersome and robust when the patients want to carry them during trips. Due to this reason, most patients choose to leave them home and avoid the stress of parking them. The manufactures of the machines and professionals have discovered new solutions to this problem, and this way, people can sleep well when they are away from home.

Avi Weisfogel is the current owner of the popular Dental Sleep Masters Seminar Instructor based in New Jersey. He is one of the best and respected doctors in America and deals with sleep disorders and even sleep treatment. With his help, people with sleep disorders like sleep apnea can sleep well without getting any difficulties. He has won several awards due to his contributions in the field, and he is the founder of Healthy Heart Sleep. The organization has done a lot internationally to help deal with sleep disorders and has recently launched a GoFundMe Campaign benefiting Operation Smile. Follow Avi on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his campaign.

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No Company Can Clean A Home As Well As Handy

Even if it’s just a small one bedroom apartment, a person may have specifications of the kind of cleaning they want performed. This may mean that the cleaning can take a long time, especially if the home hasn’t been cleaned in a while. It’s always better to have several people cleaning a home at once, even if it’s a small home because they will get the job done faster. Handy has home cleaners that can be sent out to a home to clean it thoroughly, and several cleaners can come out at once. Even if a business needs to be cleaned, several cleaners can come to do the job.

Although Handy is well known for the house cleaners that they have available, they are not limited in the services that they provide because they provide many types of services. Any kind of service that can be done in a home is something that Handy has professionals for, such as moving, painting, plumbing, furniture assembly, and installation. Even if a person wants a chandelier or ceiling fan installed in their home, then they can always call on Handy service persons to do the work. The fact that Handy has so many services available is great.

Since many customers are apt to look around for the services they need, who wouldn’t want a company that has all home services in one stop? Instead of doing a lot of research to find the best companies to service a home, those in the home can simply go to Handy’s app to check out the services as well as to hire the service persons. The service persons from Handy are always going to be professional and will also have experience and even certifications. There are many things that can be done inside a home, and Handy is happy to provide all of these services.

The cleaning services provided by Handy are a staple of the company, especially since almost every home will need cleaning on a regular basis. It’s possible to schedule regular cleanings with Handy, and the prices that Handy charges can be quoted ahead of time, which will, at least, give the customer a good idea of what they’re going to pay. Many customers who have worked with Handy professionals are very happy with the work they’ve had done as well as the competitive prices that Handy charges for the work that is completed.

Stocks Market Closes Up Higher for the First Week of 2016

The U.S. stocks last Friday closed on a high thereby posting positive results for the first week this year. This positive news has been attributed to the oil recovering from the multiyear lows it was experiencing and the hope of overseas stimulus. The S&P 500 posted a 2% high above the normal psychological key of 1900 level and energy gained 4.3% thus taking a lead on all sectors. Oil made headlines when it topped $32 which was the highest amount it has settled on since January 8.

A large number of relevant stakeholders are on record saying that oil is the real reason behind the recovery in the markets. They attribute it to the recent events where equity investors have returned to dip their toes into the markets again. Highland Capital Management’s head of global equity trading, Joe Sowin, on his part attributed the week’s rally to short covering mostly. He noted that ever since Wednesday when the stocks started experiencing their lows, it was the sectors that were widely considered as beaten-down that came to their rescue. These sectors include the energy sector as well as materials which have led the markets on the recovery path. To read more on this release click here.

About James ‘Jim’ Dondero

James Dondero is the current president and also co-founder of Highland Capital Management. He has over 30 years experience in dealing with the credit markets and currently oversees all the investment strategies of Highland Capital Management. He is also the present Chairman of the NexBank Capital Inc’s Board of Directors. HCM is the biggest group in the industry of global alternative credit managers as well as the group that is most experienced in the same industry. Jim and Mark Okada, the other co-founder of Highland Capital Management, have assets that are estimated to be worth $21 billion under their management. James Dondero is widely respected as he was among the pioneers that engineered the existence of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) which is very popular today. He was also involved in the launch of non-bank CLOs which he did back in the year 1996.

Jim Dondero has also offered his services to several Boards with the most notable amongst them being the MGM Studios and the American Banknote Corporation. He also serves as the Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare’s Board of Directors as well as the Board of CCS Medical. He is a University of Virginia alumni where he concentrated in Finance and Accounting. He is also a CMA, CPA and CFA designations holder.

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Sell Your House Fast With Help From Gregory Hague

The real estate industry is one that many people will need to enter at some point in their lives. More than half of all Americans are homeowners or will be owners, making this industry one of the nation’s most important. Many people will also sell at least one house during the course of their lives. Selling a house can be a long and drawn out process that is not easy even for those who have done it before many times. The real estate seller who is savvy will often look to a professional in order to help sell their house in the easiest way possible for the highest possible price.

Entrepreneur Gregory Hague knows that house selling is a process that may easily go wrong. In the standard way of selling a house, Hague points out that the seller will place the house for all to see on a listing service. The service then allows possible buyers to see the house specifications and other details about it. In his view, the biggest problem is that agents and buyers can see how long the house has been on the market. They often think that once a house has been on the market for as little as several weeks, the house may be seen in a very negative light buy those who walk through it. The agent may also consider the house tired and one that may sell at a discount if the house even sells at all.

He wants to break free from this process and place the seller at the center of it as quickly as possible. His aim to help any seller avoid this sense of fatigue and capture the attention of both real estate agents and buyers the moment the house is going on the market. He believes this to be the best way to sell a house quickly at the best price. Hague is a founder of Real Estate Mavericks, a real estate coaching agency that operates according to his understanding of the way that the real estate markets works. Here, he gives real estate agents the opportunity to learn from his base of knowledge and help houses they are working on sell as soon as possible.

Many agents have been able to learn from his insights and use such insights to help them assist their own clients. They know that the key to any particular real estate transaction is often speed. Speed helps the owner of the house bring it to the market and show it to buyers. A speedy campaign that is based on bringing the house to market is one that will swiftly pay off as buyers get excited the second they walk through the house’s door.

George Soros 2008 Prediction

George Soros Sees 2008 In The 2016 Markets

George Soros is not your local hick. He is a force to reckon with on matters finance. His word is more than life. The 85-year-old Hungarian-born American business mogul is also a re-known philanthropist, investor, and author. Soros holds a Ph.D. from the prestigious London School of Economics. He is married to Susan Weber and have five adorable children; Alexander, Jonathan, Andrea, Robert, and Greg. He is the chairman of Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundations. It is an understatement to refer to him as a reliable voice in matters financial markets. He is a Billionaire by right. It’s an offense to forget that he falls in the list of 30 richest people in the world.

Soros has predicted on Bloomberg a similar situation in 2016 as in 2008. China has everything to do with the foreseen crisis about its adjustment problems. This is expected as it is the world’s second-largest economy. In 2008, the global markets faced a major crisis. George Soros had predicted correctly predicted this crisis and had warned major investors during an economic forum in Sri Lanka on their need to tread carefully. Soros warned that China’s search for a new growth model was affecting other parts of the world. It would thus be difficult to spring back to positive interest rates especially for developing countries. During the new year in 2008, global currencies, stocks and commodity markets were “walking” on a tightrope similar. China’s Yuan has been on a downward trend similar to that in 2008. The high population is shifting the focus away from investment and manufacturing of goods to the intake and consumption of goods service provision as the demand and speculation grows.

Billionaire Soros sees this as catastrophic as it was in 2008. His word can be trusted as he had correctly predicted the Greece debt crunch to be similar or messy than it was in 2008 and he was more than correct. Volatility measures according to Soros are on an upward trajectory this year with the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index (VIX) at 13%. The Nikkei Stock VIX is at 43%- an all-time high in 2016. This is regardless of the China’s Communist Party’s commitment to increase the Yuan’s convertibility by 2020 and People’s Bank of China cutting interests rates to an all-time low. The world better brace itself for the impacts as George Soros has warned.

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Learning How to Invest With Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen has been able to help a lot of investors like myself by giving easy investment tips to those that are interested in saving for their retirement. He is a retired investment banker from Brazil that has taken his knowledge of the resilient Brazilian market to American investors. He has a financial consultant firm, but the absolute best advice that he has to offer has been given for free.

Many people are amazed that he has given so much free advice. Tons of financial gurus that have made a living by writing books about finances. There are all types of financial investors that make people pay to acquire the knowledge that they have. I am a fan of Igor Cornelsen because he has become someone that is able to see the benefits of giving free advice go to investors that cannot afford it. It is definitely a lot easier for me to invest because I have received some simple tips that do not require me to read an entire book.

Igor Cornelson on flickr has been able to provide a road map by giving Americans access to details about the Brazilian market. He has stated that it is easy to begin investing in Brazil, but there is a great amount of complexity to the way that one should invest. Igor is also advised that there is a lot of red tape to be mindful of so it definitely makes sense to pay attention to the laws that are being put in place by Brazilian officials.

The thing that he tends to talk about the most is knowing what you are investing in. He States that it is vital to know what your investments are regardless of whether you are investing in American or Brazilian stocks. It is also going to be wise for you to know where the company is going in the future. It makes no sense to invest in companies that are presenting producing products that may not have any appeal for longer than a year. It is going to be a lot more helpful to invest in a company that has a real future. I think that this is incredibly important advice from Cornelsen because it is going to determine the outcome of your financial future.

I certainly do believe that Igor Cornelsen is a financial expert that has the best interest of the investor in mind. He is information has shown up on several blogs, and this lets people give some valuable information about investing. This is better than any lengthy book that one could pick up at Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million bookstore. People that acquire tips from Igor can start implementing these tips right away.