Dr. Avi Weisfogel Revolutionizes The World of Sleep

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has revolutionized the methods in which sleep apnea is diagnosed and treated. As the Founder of Dental Sleep Masters, Dr. Weisfogel has introduced a new model, bringing together medical and dental professionals to effectively treat the general public affected by sleep apnea.

Due to advanced research which unveiled possible side effects to sleep apnea, like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke, the FDA approved the use of Upper Airway Stimulation, allowing Dr. Avi Weisfogel to move forward with using an oral application to remedy sleep apnea. This new technology could potentially eliminate the need for the commonly used noisy machines and face masks that are used to assist individuals who suffer from sleeping disorders. The alternative treatments for sleep apnea that are being developed currently are expected to create a larger niche in the world of dentistry, where now dental professionals may now devote much of their time to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea.

Dr. Weisfogel earned his BA in biology and psychology from Rutgers University and received his DDS from New York University’s College of Dentistry. His education set the stage for the start of his dental career in 1999, when he opened his first dental practice. He was extremely successful in managing the practice and received numerous recognitions from the community he served. Through his success, he was named Best Dentist for multiple years.

Through his dedicated work in the dental field, Dr. Weisfogel became increasingly aware of the number of patients he served who suffered from sleeping disorders. He continued to launch several companies that further researched treatments for dental related sleep disorders. It is through his dental and entrepreneurial experiences that led to the opening of Dental Sleep Masters in 2014. Dr. Weisfogel has revolutionized the world of sleep through innovation and technologies positively affecting not only dental and medical professionals, but also helping people who suffer from sleep disorders from around the world.

Dress Well Feel Great

People are doing everything they can to feel better about themselves. While there are a lot of ideas and pieces of advice that help people on the path to being happy with themselves, there is one thing that needs to be addressed, and that is the root cause of the person’s sense of inadequacy on thekrazycouponlady.com. A lot of times, people judge themselves by how they look. What a lot of people don’t realize is that a large part of how they look is influenced by clothing. It has also been shown that people who dress different will feel different. This is one of the reasons that certain companies are trying to bring out unique pieces of fashion on pinterest.com.

Among the companies that are working on bringing something new to the table of fashion is Fabletics. This fashion retailer was founded with the intention of bringing forth some really new styles that people will enjoy so that they will have a different set of feelings of themselves. In many cases, all it takes for someone is to find clothes that they want for themselves and dress how they want in order to see a difference in how they feel.

There has been a lot of work written on fashion psychology. Basically, the idea behind fashion psychology is that a person’s feelings about himself is influenced by the clothes he wears. In this case, when one wears clothes from designers like Fabletics, they will feel good about their sense of style. Also, it is not enough for men to wear suits, and women to wear nice looking dresses. Some men and women want to find something that more adequately express who they are as individuals. This is one of the reasons that Fabletics keeps it diverse in the area of active wear.

One way that people will improve their feelings of self worth with unique clothing is that they themselves will feel unique and precious. When people make an effort to dress in clothes that they personally like, they will without a doubt realize their value. This is one of the reasons why celebrities like Kate Hudson make an effort to dress in great looking and well fitting clothes that are well coordinated from Fabletics.

Questions About School

When you go back to school, there might be some things that you’re unsure of, such as tests or how to meet new people. Wengie has you covered as she offers a few tips for going back to school so that the year is the best one possible.

If you have entrance exams that you need to take before a class in college, you need to study as much as possible. Take notes about the dates, names and other important information so that you can remember everything that is involved with the exam.

When you’re in high school, you will probably experience heartbreak at some point. It could be heartbreak from losing someone you love or finding out that your parents are going to have another baby and that you won’t be the youngest or the only child in the family anymore. Take some time to yourself so that you can collect your thoughts, and think about all of the good things in your life instead of the things that are falling apart.

There are several ways that you can save money while in school. Take your lunch to school so that you don’t have to buy food in the cafeteria. Working and studying might seem difficult, but as long as you cut back on the hours that you work so that you can maintain your grades, then you should be fine. If you see that your grades are slipping, then you might want to consider cutting back even more on the time that you work until your grades improve.

Take Back Your Stronger Healthier Locks With A Winning Hair Care Treatment

How often do you find yourself in the mirror frustrated with your hair? You’re not alone thousands of other women complain about not being able to get the hair care results that they desire. These women complain about dull untamed hair that is effected about the harsh elements. Wen by Chaz allows you to transform your hair into beautiful long locks that have definition and style. Finding a reliable product has never been easier and it costs the customer less than $40. You can get the type of hair that you’ve admired from your favorite celebrity for years.
Bustle online is proud to announce a recent article by one young lady that decided to use Wen hair by Chaz for the very first time. She wants the readers to know that she is not a paid actor, but an actual first time user. She used their strengthening conditioner for one week. She would use it on her thin hair because other products didn’t seem to work for her. Wen by Chaz has given her impressive results with her hair. She no longer how to worry about unusual breakage and was able to rebuild stronger hair.

Wen by Chaz is available online exclusively on their website or at QVC. You can have your order shipped right to your door. They also offer the opportunity to speak to a customer service representative to ask questions or to get help with their order. They are standing by to assist you from a comprehensive list of products. They provide all natural ingredients that are guaranteed not to strip your hair. Wen by Chaz helps aid damaged hair to a natural state. Don’t spend another day frustrated with your hair. You’re encouraged to discover the benefits of Wen by Chaz like the young lady in the online testimonial for proven results. Check out Wen hair on wikipedia.org for more info.

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Phillip Diehl becomes ICTA chairman

Phillip Diehl is an extremely successful businessman. For the past few years, he has served as the President of the U.S. Money Reserve, a powerful source of fine metals. He has built major connections within the industry and he is extremely well respected. Recently, Phillip was promoted to a prominent position within the industry.

Phillip will serve as the chairman of the Industry Council for Tangible Assets, or ICTA. He was named chairman at the ICTA board meeting earlier this year.

Diehl has a long and storied career. At one time he was Director of the U.S. Mint. Before being promoted to chairman of the ICTA, Phillip served as vice chair. The ICTA is a “watchdog” organization that overlooks several industries.

They overlook the production and sale of rare coins, paper money, and precious metals. These communities have many wealthy participants that expect top-notch protection at all times. The ICTA has ensured a favorable regulatory environment throughout all 50 states. They also offer a medium for community members can consult with government officials on issues that impact the industry.  Read more: U.S. Money Reserve CEO Angie Koch Earns Contributor Profile On The Huffington Post Blogger Platform

Diehl has proven extremely successful during his time working with the ICTA. He helped push through major reforms in the Minnesota state legislature. Minnesota had a law that placed major burdens on coin and bullion dealers throughout the state.

Diehl managed to push a reform through that removed much of the burden. Minnesota governor Mark Dayton signed the reformed bill into law in early 2016. Coin dealers throughout the state have Diehl to thank for the better regulatory environment that exists today.

Phillip Diehl is pleased with the victories of the past, but he does not want to stop there. Diehl has major goals in place for his time as chairman. He wants to increase ICTA’s value to their members. Diehl also wishes to grow ICTA’s membership base. Finally, he wants to improve cooperation between major industry organizations.

Diehl is extremely honored to serve as chairman. He knows that he can lead the organization. He wants to help move ICTA forward by pushing a deeper legislative agenda that will reap real rewards for ICTA members.

According to GoodSearch, Phillip Diehl has a long history of success. At the U.S. Mint, he helped revolutionize the way coins are made and distributed. At the US Reserve he increased sales and quality. Phillip is sure to have the same impact during his time with ICTA.

Dick DeVos; Philanthropist Extraordinaire

The famous DeVos family is not only well known for being the Amway family but there is as equally known for their philanthropy and charitable donations. In the world of the Michigan elite, it is standard practice to give to cause. Status is measured by how much you give and in turn, the donations and philanthropy work give these families power in the political and lawmaking arena.


The DeVos family is reported to have donated $1.2 billion dollars in their lifetime. This amount of donations places them among the top givers in the world. In fact, the DeVos family gave away $94 million dollars in 2014 alone. The family hopes that by revealing their generosity that they will inspire others to give as well.


The DeVos are a politically conservative family that is highly involved in the efforts of the movement to elect officials that reflect those ideals. Most of the donations that they give out stay in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan. Much of those donations go to education and community services. They do not only donate money, they help the institutions that benefit from the donations to utilize them in the best way to help others.


Dick DeVos is the son of the Amway founder, Rich DeVos. The company was founded in his father’s Michigan basement in 1959. Dick DeVos worked with the Amway company as the CEO of consumer distribution from 1993-2000. He ran for political office in Michigan but lost to his opponent. Dick DeVos is one of the richest men in the country with a reported net worth of over $5 billion dollars.


Dick DeVos went to Forest Hills Public Schools and received his B.S. in business from Northwood University. He also attended Harvard Business School and Wharton’s Executive Business program. His wife Betsy is the former chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party. Dick DeVos is also the owner of the Orlando Magic Basketball team.


Dick DeVos is also involved in many other business ventures and is still very active in the philanthropy field. This family is devoted to serving the community and those less fortunate.

Why Should You Want the “Slyce” App?

Slyce visual search engine (http://slyce.it/) is the brainchild of President Ted Mann who is the developer of SnipSnap. This Visual Search technology lets you take a picture of a paper coupon and save it to your Mobile Phone that you can use it in any store. Slyce’s Universal Scanner can take a picture of a product your want and find the product images on line saving you hours of searching for what you want. Using a bar code or coupon Slyce will immediately return the data to the shopper. A 1.1 match is provided in your data in 1 to 4 seconds for up to 20 images.

Think of all the time this will save and the endless searching through websites only to be disappointed or frustrated. Offered is a selection of options that let you choose what you want such as Snap to Buy, Snap to Coupon, Snap to Discover or Snap to List. You have all the options at your fingertips.

This new technology is reshaping how we can use the internet and makes the most of image recognition for the consumer. Businesses will be able to showcase their products for discovery with Slyce and SnipSnap.

So how does this work, You ask?

Slyce provides 3D Dimension to find the exact product and purchase; 2D Dimension for Printed Materials and Product Tags, and 1D Dimension for Coupons or Bar codes. It covers it all to search for the product image that best matches your needs.

This is the latest technology to make your shopping experience successful and provides businesses the opportunity to feature their products for Slyce to bring them directly to you.

Some people feel overwhelmed by technology, but this actually makes it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for in the shortest amount of time. Think of the time and money you will save searching for the product you want.

For the consumer, parent or business professional with lots to accomplish in a day, Slyce is an ideal solution to help you find the best products in the quickest time.

It’s definitely a Win-Win for consumers and businesses. We hope you will add us soon. Businesses can contact us at http://slyce.it. We look forward to welcoming you to the latest shopping innovation.

How To Correctly Implement An Online Reputation Management Strategy

While review websites like Google Business and Trip Advisor play a key role in enhancing the reputation of your business, they are not the only measure you can use to manage the popularity of your business. Managing online reputation goes beyond relying on these review websites, cites an article published on The Huffington Post.

Customer Thinkexplains that businesses with a good reputation are able to influence buyers to blindly initiate purchases or even make deals without necessarily considering other factors. This means with a good reputation a business is able to beat many other odds in the market. Here are several tips you can apply to effectively manage your online reputation campaign.

Apply monitoring tools
It’s not possible to stay on Google 24/7 trying to manually analyze mentions. There are effective tools that can do this work on your behalf accurately and in real-time manner. The tools can alert you whenever an online mention of your brand comes up. Such tools include Reputology, Trackur and Reputation.com, which send alerts immediately your brand is mentioned online.

Converting negative user reviews into business
User reviews are not an easy situation especially when they are negative, but you can exploit them for your advantage. If all the reviews are awesome and showing the strengths of your business, some people may be tempted to think they are fake. Therefore, this should be a keen strategy that does not make potential customers think your business is trying to cover up some flaws.

The biggest trick here is to concentrate on the negative reviews. How you respond to the complaints will very much determine your future interactions with clients/customers and this will impact on the reputation of your brand.

Avoid fights online
With the many posts and opinions passed across different platforms online, chances are high you might come across something distasteful directed at you. Such situations should not trigger you to act out of anger or emotion, but you need to spare some time to think about the best way to respond to the claims, lest you might compound the situation and hurt your reputation.


Doe Deere On Making Dreams Come True

If there is one major thing to say for Doe Deere, it is that she can make her dreams come true. However, it is not just her dreams that she has made come true, it is the dreams of others that she has also brought to life. There are tons of people that want to be able to express themselves with the use of fashion and make up. However, they are often stopped by society or their fears of what may happen. Doe Deere makes it so that people can boldly step forward towards their dreams of self expression. They will also find a lot of acceptance that comes along with it.

Doe has gone on an interview in which she talks about her career and the path that has led her to selling make up. Before doing make up, Doe Deere has been a musician. She has performed plenty of gigs and entertained people. In fact, she has pursued her dreams of being a musician before developing a dream for selling make up. One thing that could be said about pursuing dreams and making them come true is that it requires action. People have to see one in action before they decide whether or not he or she is worth the time.

Doe Deere has gotten her start in the make up industry by using herself as a model. She didn’t just show the make up on a piece of paper. She showed herself wearing the make up. This has eventually resulted in the start of Lime Crime, a makeup company that sells a wide variety of high quality make up for people to use. She also takes pictures of herself using different color schemes for her hair and her face so that she could inspire people to find their own style. After all, one of the ways people can build self respect and self acceptance is to discover one’s self and allow himself to be that person. Doe Deere is one person who has discovered herself and is a great example of someone to follow on the path of self expression.

Learn more:


The 21st Century Good Samaritan: Marc Sparks

In today’s world of rapid information and events, numerous people are often put on the spotlight for short periods of time before they are overshadowed and forgotten by others. There are however, people who do not get that spotlight.

One of these people is Marc Sparks, an American author, businessman, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. Sparks has had a very successful business career since graduating from high school in 1975. Although Sparks has never earned a college degree, famous businessmen such as Howard Hughes, Conrad Hilton, and Bill Gates didn’t either and went on to have tremendous success in business.

Since graduating from high school, Sparks has maintained ownership, purchased, and sold numerous companies. Some of these companies, according to nbcdvd.com, are Timber Creek Capital, Reliant Healthcare, Blue Jay Wireless, and Boxstar LLC.

According to Crunchbase and GoodReads, Marc Sparks is the head of Timber Creek Capital, which offers “entrepreneurial assistance with services to include: capital, office space, equipment, legal and accounting, graphic art and web development, customer service knowledge, banking, sales and marketing.”

In addition to his successful business career, Marc Sparks has been very involved in philanthropy. Most notably Sparks has been involved with the Samaritan Inn (a homeless shelter in Dallas, Texas) since the 1980s. Eventually the idea that there are “social service entrepreneurs who regularly have “out of the box” ideas; that when funded will create social success” led to the creation of the Spark Tank.

The Spark Tank is an annual five thousand dollar grant that is awarded to social entrepreneurs. The most recent winner of the Spark Tank grant was the Dogs Matter program. The Dogs Matter program “provides temporary foster care services for the pets of addicts and alcoholics in recovery.”

Another notable achievement of Sparks was the publication of his first book entitled, They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success in 2014. Learn more about Marc Sparks: http://www.amazon.com/They-Cant-Eat-Marc-Sparks/dp/0990495000

The book was written about Sparks’ high school years as a ‘C’ average student and his rise to becoming a successful businessman. It should come as no surprise that Sparks’ book currently holds a five out of five star rating at Amazon.com. The book can be purchased via download or either hardcover or paperback form. Read more: What a Venture Capitalist like Marc Sparks Wants From a Presentation

In conclusion, Marc Sparks is an American businessman who is not in the spotlight. He does not appear on national television and it is not a famous celebrity that everyone can recognize in person. He is however, a hero to the Samaritan Inn and to the people whom he helps by financial contributions and by donating his own time to work in the charities he supports. His devout faith in God and drive to help others will also be part of his legacy he leaves behind.