Promotional video by Nutrimost stolen by Healthy Living

A promotional video that was being played on Nutrimost‘s website appears to have been stolen by their competitor in the weight loss business, Healthy Living. Nutrimost filed a lawsuit in Federal Court claiming Healthy Living was solely responsible for the theft of the video and placing it on their own website, can’

In addition to the theft of the video, the Nutrimost system claims that all references made were removed from the original video and replaced with those referencing a diet by Healthy Living, the “Can’t Lose Diet”. Included in the stolen video were original customer testimonials from the original Nutrimost video, as well as comments from the founder of the weight loss program, Dr. Ray Wisniewski.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Both videos show the same content except for the references. They both show that a person should lose between 25 and 45 pounds in 40 while on the program, and that no exercise is ever needed. In addition, there will be no feeling hungry like other weight loss plans.

The video has been show on Healthy Living’s website even though they have received a cease-and-desist order from the courts. There was one minor change to the video, and it was made shorter. So far, there is no evidence of the video being placed back on Healthy Living’s website.

Nutrimost wants the court to keep it that way. They also want over $300,000 in damages for the theft of the video.

Nutrimost offers the best weight loss program. They proudly call themselves the “Ultimate Fat Loss System”. A person can lose up to 40 lbs in 40 days with this system.

No drugs are used in this program, and there is no surgery required. There is no use of hormones, and no harmful drugs. It is the perfect program.

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Helane Morrison Career Life

Helane Morrison is the current Directing Manager, Chief Compliance and the General Counsel for Hall Capital Partners. Hall Capital is one of California’s leading capital investment companies managed by women only. She assumed this at Hall Capital role 9 years ago after leaving the Securities and Exchange office of San Francisco.


Helane possess both a journalism and law degree. She graduated with a degree in Journalism from the Northwestern University, Illinois, California. She also earned her Juris Doctor Degree from the University of California’s School of Law in Berkeley. Upon completing her studies, Helane worked for Hon. Richard Posen as a law clerk for one year. That was between 84 and 85. She then moved to work for Harry Blackmun, for a year. On leaving her job at the Supreme Court, she moved to work for Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, where she worked for ten years.


While working with the Securities and Exchange Commission, she was the representative of the agency. Helane dealt with all the regulatory issues, law enforcement issues of the company. She worked there for 8 years, from 1999 to 2007.


Helane Morrison combined knowledge in law and journalism has seen her impact the investment industry in a great way. Helane uses Hall Capital as a platform to restore faith and trust in the investment industry. With her position, she has been able to expose lunatics in the industry who take advantage of innocent clients. She hopes that all wrongdoers atone for their wrongs and that the industry will at one point resume its former glory, that is, as things were before the great depression.

Benefits Of Opting For The Medicare Advantage Plan Provided At InnovaCare Health

Medicare Advantage plan is gaining popularity due to its unique benefits as compared to the Original Medicare. The federal government of the United States manages the plan. Commercial insurance companies such as InnovaCare Health sell the plan to the public. Below are some of the reasons why more people are shifting from the Original Medicare to Medicare Advantage

First, Medicare Advantage Plan is available in various forms. Some of these plans are the Private Free-For-Service (PFFS), Preferred Provider Organization (PPOs) and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). Individuals that are not satisfied by the first three common types of Medicare Advantage Plan can resort to other more specialized types of the plan such as the Medicare Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs), Provider Sponsored Organizations (PSOs) and Special Needs Plans (SNPs)

Medicare Advantage Plan allows one to pay for specific services. For example, the basic plan consists of only Part A services, but one can pay extra premiums to enjoy Part B services and also Part D services. However, Part A and Part B services provided under this plan usually vary from the ones provided by Original Medicare due to a number of new services.

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The plan also covers areas that were previously not covered by Original Medicare such as dental, hearing, visions as well as health and wellness programs. This extra coverage protects the policyholder and cushions them against expensive medical services. With Part D services, policyholders are allowed to receive prescription drug. However, one pays extra premiums in order to enjoy the benefit.

Before buying a Medicare Advantage Plan, one is encouraged to conduct thorough research to find out exactly what he or she will get with the plan. It is also important to ask questions on which services are considered medically necessary and which ones are not. This information helps one to know what to do in case he or she develops any problem, especially those not covered by the plan.

About InnovaCare Health
InnovaCare Health is an American firm that is renowned for providing managed healthcare services in North America. It focuses mainly on two avenues of care: the Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. These avenues enable it to provide all its clients with quality healthcare that is cheap and sustainable. Rick Shinto, M.D., serves as the President and CEO of the firm. Penelope Kokkinides helps Shinto in running the firm as the chief administrative officer.

The Medicare Advantage Plan offered by InnovaCare Health has comprehensive benefits that are tailored towards enhancing the mental and emotional well-being of the clients. Improved services have seen customer satisfaction rise to almost 99% and dis-enrollment from the services falling by up to 40% as per 2015.

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Leading with a Customized Touch

David Osio is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group. This is a financial advisory group of independent companies. Osio is known for his business management and financial services in the Latin American and Venezuelan market. Osio got his start in Venezuela after graduating from Universidad Catolica Andres Bello. After Andres Bello Osio headed to the Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos to learn more about banking and leading a company.

All of his hard work paid off in 1981 when Osio became the CEO of OPED Enterprise leading coffee export programs. In 1984 he joined the MGO law firm in Caracas. This jump started his professional experience in banking law. Osio did business at the law firm with large corporate clients leading him to land a position with Banco Latino International in Miami, Florida, in the Private Banking Division. At BLI Osio became Vice President of Banking Commercial. The company saw the customer portfolio dramatically increase and strengthened the international power of the bank’s position.

Osio made the leap to start his own company in 1993 when he began the business venture of Davos Financial Group. This was the first business in Venezuela at the time to provide financial advice to select clients. Osio has expanded the company into other independent companies in cities like Miami, New York and Panama.

Osio leads with hands-on leadership and business skills. Davos has increased its income levels, spread to other locations even in the international markets and offered personalized, specialized services to independent companies. Under his leadership Davos is even considered a Financial Boutique. Osio prides himself in meeting the customized needs of each client giving them the best service and confidentiality on an investment platform.

Osio and his companies give as much back to charity as possible. The companies often collaborate with non-profit organizations aimed at art and culture to promote their causes.

David Osio and his smaller companies that help to keep Davos on top have achieved many awards. These international awards include: the Medal of Honor of the United States Congress, the South Florida Business Leaders 2009 and the 2014 Miami Award Winner for a consulting firm.

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Marc Spark’s Tank

There is a new tank in town, and it has nothing to do with sharks. Businessman and entrepreneur Marc Sparks has come with an innovative idea that is changing the way companies can use social media to their benefit. His history of success in business is proof that he knows just what it takes to make this new venture a success.

Spark TankM is a unique idea that asks executives that are using social services to share their ideas that are aimed at creating a social success. Any person is able to apply for the spark tank on their website. Much like the TV show Shark Tank, executives can present their ideas in ten minute segments in front of a panel of judges. Finalist are chosen and a winner determined. The competition is not open to faith-based initiatives or national charities.

This is not Marc Sparks first impact on the world of business. Considered to be the entrepreneurs’ entrepreneur, Marc Sparks has a clear passion for building companies. Sparks is responsible for starting dozens of companies. He has nearly forty years of experience in business and entrepreneurialism. He has a strong faith that has helped to shape his work ethic and his determination.

Marc Sparks has chronicled his journey on paper with his book, They Can’t Eat You. He shares the many struggles and triumphs he has experienced in his career. Marc says, “Faith, Passion, Tenacity, Focus, Savvy of Monetization, and—most importantly—an Outrageous Sense of Urgency are all the qualities that helped him to build his success. Read more: @msparks5010 and Marc Sparks – Dallas, Texas, United States, Timber Creek Capital

He values the struggles he had during this career stating the following, “God gives us challenges and devastating circumstances so we understand the responsibilities that come with success and to keep us humble.” Sparks success is evidence that his newest venture Spark Tank is destined for success.

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Protecting Profits With Online Reputation Management

The power of a single complaint is one of the most shocking realities for many business people who are new to the online world. It does not matter if a complaint is genuine and fair or not. Once it has been placed against a company, it can easily damage the reputation of the business. It then becomes too easy for online scammers to add to the complaint and make it seem as if the company and its owners are not reputable. Even if litigation occurs to address this type of incident, the reviews and gossip can remain online and repeatedly appear in search engines. This can be disastrous and it has to be corrected properly.

Corrections can be handled by an online reputation management company. Companies like offer their expertise to others in need and help to correct what potential customers see. The truth is that most of this negative information can never be removed, but it can be hidden by accurate reviews and articles that put the company or the individual in a more positive light. This what the management company will do as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Any negative and unfair comments, articles or reviews should be personally addressed and removed whenever possible. This may be done by contacting the website administrator or it may require legal action. If the comments are not incorrect, the business owners must be honest about them and do what is necessary to make amends. It will be difficult for anyone to ruin a reputation by mentioning something the company has already admitted and fixed. Finally, it is important to also make certain all of the positive aspects of the company are getting equal attention. This means keeping social media pages updated, having a YouTube channel and consistently providing fresh content in blogs and on the company website.

The most important step is to find out about the bad press as soon as possible. This can be done through monitoring on search engines and through common review sites. It can be time consuming to take this necessary step and that is why hiring an reputation management company can be so valuable to any business. They will not only find any negative comments and work to eliminate them, but will also make certain that genuine, positive information is available to the public as well.

The Manse On Marsh Is Not Your Typical Old Folks Home

The Manse on Marsh located in San Luis Obispo, CA, prides themselves in being unique when it comes to independent and assisted living for older individuals. They are far from what most people associate with being an old folks home. At the Manse, residents enjoy apartment style living. Apartments range from studio to two bedrooms. The apartments have their own bathrooms, living spaces, and fireplaces. There are also stand alone cottages with full kitchens for those who desire to live completely independently.

The Manse is full of activities and things to do on campus. The campus has its own movie theater, hair salon, library, dining room, a bistro, and much more. Residents can play games, go to the gym, or read a book on the patio. There is an on site chef who cooks fresh meals daily for a wonderful dining experience. The on site bistro offers a less formal atmosphere than the formal dining room and it a great place to grab lunch or an afternoon snack.

Residents are able to choose their level of care as well. Whether they need help with daily tasks or more involved care, that is all available at The Manse on Marsh. Room service is provided as well as laundry service and cleaning. Everything that residents need to live a comfortable full life. The Manse also offers field trips and is within walking distance to many attractions. Residents can walk to restaurants, shopping, the book store, coffee places, ice cream shoppes, and places of worship.

JustFab Expands its E-commerce Superpowers

In the summer of 2013, JustFab merged with ShoeDazzle to expand their e-commerce superpowers in the online fashion subscription business. The companies merged under the name JustFab Inc. to benefit both businesses and build their membership base that was already up to 33 million people worldwide in 2013.

Multidimensional company

A visit to reveals the multiple dimensions of the company including JustFab, ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, FabKids, and FL2, which offers men’s active wear. JustFab Inc. is taking subscription e-commerce to a new level as customers enjoy the convenience of shopping from home and can subscribe or shop a la carte. The merger between JustFab and ShoeDazzle was predicted to help the company reach profitability in 2014 with over $400 million in sales.

Customized fashions

The appeal of JustFab is easy to understand as members enjoy shipments of trending, updated fashions from stylists and fashion celebrities regularly.

The clothing, shoes and accessories they receive are based off their preferences and selected specifically for them, which helps remove the guesswork from keeping up with today’s fashions. JustFab designs and creates new fashion collections every month in-house under their own fashion label and this enables them to have a quick turnaround to their customers.

Style from head to toe

The merger between JustFab and ShoeDazzle gives subscription fashion shoppers convenient access to stunning footwear. Their monthly shoe subscription for $39.95 gets customers a new pair of shoes every month based on a style algorithm created when subscribers answer online questions about their preferences.

Non-members can purchase items a la carte and members can enjoy a VIP service as they explore the shoes and accessories available from ShoeDazzle. ShoeDazzle and JustFab maintain their unique brands but the merger gives them an edge over the competition. Learn more about JustFab: and

Convenience in a busy world

Fast fashion holds great appeal for today’s busy women and men and has helped JustFab expand their brands while merging with ShoeDazzle. They offer the online version of brands such as H&M and Forever21, with the convenience of not having to head to the mall or into the city.

In 2012, JustFab attracted 500,000 new users every month and that number continues to grow, as people want new styles delivered to their door. With their direct-to-consumer approach, JustFab produces clothing and accessories quicker and more affordably than if they had a storefronts like other popular fashion brands.

Although customers can’t physically touch the clothing until they receive it, the online descriptions and pictures provide ample information to make an informed purchase and they never have to experience pressure from in-store salespeople. Read more:  JustFab | CrunchBase and JustFab – Google+

Overall, the merger of JustFab and ShoeDazzle into JustFab Inc. paved the way for positive growth for both companies and their customers.

George Soros Adds Gold To His Portfolio

George Soros is possibly the best known hedge fund manager in the world because of the role George Soros has played in one of the most successful hedge funds ever created, and the gamble he took that the British Pound would be devalued in 1992. On the back of his achievements in the financial industry the Hungarian born Holocaust survivor is now seen as a name to follow for those who hope to replicate his success in developing a personal fortune of more than $25 billion, according to his personal Website on

The latest moves by George Soros reflect the nervousness he and many other financial experts have about the global economy as 2016 moves forward; Soros has revealed he has cut his investment in U.S. stocks by 37 percent as he builds his portfolio of precious metals. The need for precious metals in the view of George Soros is seen in his decision to purchase over one percent of the gold bullion specialist Barrick Gold of Toronto, which saw an investment of Soros Fund Management reaching over $260 million. The sale of U.S. based stocks saw the overall assets of the Soros owned company fall by over $3 billion as George Soros looked to switch the focus in the face of growing financial problems around the world, according to Bloomberg.

Soros Fund Management is now the largest U.S. based investor in Barrick, which sees the hedge fund manager reveal his own strategy for avoiding the financial problems the world could face after problems began to be seen in the Chinese economy. In China, the level of credit being taken by individuals and companies has now outstripped the level of deposits being made into banks across the country. There are many different problems combining in the world to create a perfect storm that could bring conditions as close to the 2007 and 2008 U.S. inspired collapse that is still felt across the world.

Venezuelan president declares emergency

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro late last week declared a state of emergency as protests – both for and against the president – erupted in the nation’s capitol of Caracas, according to a story on CNN. One day after Maduro’s proclamation, protests broke out on both sides.
“The country is in a deep economic crisis” says expert Norka Luque, and is facing severe shortages in stores as well as shortages in water and electricity. Inflation also is up to nearly three digits as the country reels from falling oil prices that once paid for much of its expenses.

Maduro said in a Dateas interview that the crisis is being made worse by his opponents, who did gain control of Congress in the last election. That opposition party has tried everything to oust Maduro, including passing a law to shorten his term, which was declared unconstitutional. They are also gathering signatures to have a referendum vote on whether to keep Maduro. The president is also fearful of an attack from another country. Relations with the United States, as well as neighboring Colombia, are bad.

As the move for a referendum mounts, polls show Maduro is in trouble as 70 percent say they want him out of office. His opponents are in a time crunch though. If they cannot get the referendum held in 2016, the vice president would take over if Maduro is voted out. That would defeat the purpose as the vice president has the same polices as the president.